The tell-tale signs that you are, infact, a SHOPAHOLIC.

As you guys know I’m a wardrobe consultant.  Which has some pretty awesome perks. The coolest one being that my closet is always full of new on trend clothes. But as the seasons have changed I’ve spent a lot of time helping women try to conquer their transition into cozy layers. Most of them want to try to buy a complete new wardrobe for the chilly season ahead, instead of just knowing how to build a wardrobe that has both essential and seasonal items. I can relate. I’ll admit it, I have been known to splurge on a designer sweater now and again. But it got me thinking, like all addictions, most people don’t even realize that they’re addicted.  I’m sorry friends, but retail therapy is a dangerous game. So here’s my own little public service announcement and your wake up call just in case this applies to you! I’ve complied a list of all the tell-tale signs that you are on the slippery slope to becoming a full-blown shopaholic based on my own life and my client’s. Eeeek!

  • You’re the first of your friends to know when a semi-annual sale is going  on  (you feel it should become a national holiday and have no problem waiting in line to be one of the first customers in) Black Friday shopping doesn’t even phase you. Calm, cool and collected in the face of the retail storm, you know exactly what you’re doing.


  • Extreme couponing is a piece of cake for you. Let’s just say it’s happened more than once when you’ve looked like a math prodigy while checking out at the register….
  • Just spending time at the mall lifts your spirits. Auntie Annie’s pretzels are your favorite food. No shame.
  • You can do mental math on command like 30, 40 and 50% off.
  • You religiously purchase Vogue every month. Not only American, but British, Parisian, and Italian as well. Even though you only speak English, retail French and Prada.
  • You don’t even need to try on clothes because you know your sizes everywhere. You can even shop online with confidence that your items will fit perfectly when they arrive. You’re a real pro if you even know your international sizes.


  • You’ve been known to have a new favorite sweater at least twice a year, but in your case you own it in every color!
  • You track your online orders at least three times a day impatiently hoping that the delivery man magically made it across the country in one afternoon. USPS is good but not THAT good.
  • There’s a justified reason  for every purchase. Did I really need to buy that vintage dress? Ummm yes. If I ever get invited to a Gatsby party I’ll be the best dressed Daisy Buchanan in the room!
  • While wandering around wasting time “window shopping” you end up buying something for absolutely no reason. 3 pairs of Crocs? Why not. They’ll go perfectly with the new track suits you just bought only because they were buy two get one free. What a fashion conscious afternoon…not. Sometimes you just need cozy clothes though right?
  • You’ve adopted the “close your eyes and just swipe” method to checking out. Like a band-aid quick and painless.
  • Sales clerks know your name, where you work, your dog’s name and your measurements. Not because they work on commission and because you’re a valued customer… because you’re in the store so dang often.
  • You’ve gone beyond just buying for yourself for no reason now. Let’s just say my dog Lola isn’t the best dressed dog in the tri-state area just because of my occupation.  Her sweater wardrobe is the envy of all her canine friends thanks to my lack of self-control.  Just ask her BFF Gary the squirrel.


  • You’ve actually contemplated freezing your credit cards inside a block of ice and keeping them in the back of your freezer for safe keeping (but let’s be real, you’ve got those card numbers memorized anyways).
  • You’re closet could be on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Not only is it color coordinated,  but it’s organized by sleeve length as well.


These might all not apply to you, but even if just one or two of them do beware now! With the holidays approaching now’s the time to simplify your life and give back. So purge your overflowing closet (do you really need 7 J.Crew puffer vests?) And donate some of those items you’ve only worn once or twice to people who could really use them,  it’s the perfect time to help improve someone’s life!

Happy smart consumer shopping lovies!

X X,

Miss Hailey Christine

P.S. here are some links to my favorite and most used coupon websites!

Also just incase any of you actually do want help with your retail therapy problems-


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