Fashion Slang (the words you didn’t know)..

images“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression- there are hints about who you are in what you wear.”  -Marc Jacobs

Ever been reading the latest issue of vogue and had absolutely no idea what in the world they were talking about?! Because of all the fashion lingo and designer slang words being used it can be tricky to follow along..  here’s a crash course on common words frequently used in the fashionsphere that you probably had no idea even existed!

  • The bum bag– no it’s not a bag for your bum… here in the U.S. we call it a fanny pack. Commonly seen on tourists at DisneyWorld along with hipsters running around festivals like Coachella. But across the ocean and around the world its received the cheeky name (pun intended) bum bag.unnamed


  • Buns– the first thing that comes to mind when you hear buns is “of steel”, but sadly in the fashion world buns does not refer to a toned gluteus maximus.. it’s slang for bunions. Which are bumps formed on the big toe joints that are caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes.
  • Balloon Sleeves– These are not shoulder pads or power shoulders.. this is when the sleeve of a top billows out after the biceps. Very popular in light spring and summer tops.


  • Chicken cutlets– to a normal person this would remind you of delicious Italian cooking. To a fashion expert and any girl who has ever worn a formal gown it’s what you call those silicone pads that suction on to hoist up the girls. Very popular for prom gowns and anyone to shy to try the duct tape bra trick!
  • Ear jackets– these have been the coolest thing on the jewelry circuit for a few years now. An ear jacket consists of three parts. First being the stud of the earring, then a middle piece that hangs down, and the back to fasten and secure it on the ear. Very popular way to dress up your favorite pair of diamond studs.
  • Lamp-shading– one of my favorite trends of all time! This is when a skirt or dress has a lot of volume in a shorter length and showcases long legs. A fun trend to try this season with an oversized sweater dress and a cute pair of over the knee boots!


  • Shoefie– We’re all WAY to familiar with the selfie. But in the fashion world true street style stars crop their faces out of a fab shot to showcase their killer shoes, of course! super common in the Instagram world and on designers blogs.


I hope that you all add these terms to your fashion vocabulary so that you can sound a bit more “vogue”. Continue your fashion journeys and find your individual style! Life’s much to short to be basic.

Love always darlings

X X,

Miss Hailey Christine



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