Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

For those of you that know me well you know how obsessed with sharks I am. From my Stella McCartney pink shark iPhone case, to the fleece blanket with cartoon sharks on it that I have laying on my couch, my love for sharks is an obvious one. The oceans fiercest apex predator is slowly becoming extinct. So since it’s SHARK WEEK on Discovery Channel (could this week get any better?!) I decided to feature a few of my favorite little humans on the blog today. My niece and nephew had a little SHARK WEEK party on Monday to celebrate our favorite week of the year. We had everything from dorsal fin hats to shark cupcakes and it was an absolute blast.IMG_3971

These little nuggets know how to do shark week right!


Cupcakes were from a bakery called Something Sweet by Maddie Lu. We absolutely love them there! Literally every birthday we get our sweet treats from the mastermind bakers at Something Sweet. Could these cupcakes be any cuter?!

Here are some cute SHARK WEEK crafts to try this week with your littles ones



Shark sensory bottles by Samantha @ Stir The Wonder.
How to make shark chocolate bark candy by the Popsicle Blog
Mermaid Tail and Shark fleece blankets from

Shop my favorite shark things!

If anyone would like to purchase a cute shark themed gift for meeee! so cute.
My iPhone case that my sister bought me for my birthday! Mine is pink, it looks like they don’t make that color any more but still love the gray!


Fun Shark Facts:

  • There are over 400 different species of sharks
  • You can tell how old a shark is by counting the rings on its vertabrae
  • Baby sharks are called pups
  • Sharks are made up of cartilage not bones, it makes them more flexable
  • The most dangerous sharks are the Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark, Mako Shark and the Bull Shark
  • A shark can hear a fish in the water more than a million  miles away
  • The largest sharks are the least dangerous, they actually just eat plankton

Be sure to set your DVRs to record this week and prepare for the marathon!

Have a sharky week my loves!

X X,

Miss Hailey Christine


One Comment Add yours

  1. SHARON SABBY says:

    that is so cute HAILEY! I BET THE KIDS LOVED IT.


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