What does your handbag say about you?

Since we’ve been little we’ve always been told “not to judge a book by it’s cover”.. but let’s be real here and just admit it. We’ve all done it at least once. I know that sounds completely superficial, but I dont mean it that way at all. These snap judgements make up the first impressions that we make on people, and don’t you ever wonder what your look is saying about you? When I first meet someone, what’s the first thing that my mind automatically goes and checks? The hair, the shoes, and the handbag. I firmly believe that these three things can tell you everything that you’ll ever need to know about someone in under 30 seconds. Like I’ve said before, your hair says who you really are (take the time to invest in a good cut and color, always. it DOES make a difference), your shoes say who it is that you want to be, and your handbag speaks for your personality. Anything and everything in between doesn’t matter.

Something that I’ve been really interested in lately is the way different women carry their handbags, and which types of bags they choose to carry in relation to their lifestyle. A bit of a grown up science project/social study if you will. Body language experts have studied this for years, and what they say about my bag and myself is 100% on point. So I’ve been paying attention to women I see in my daily life, and have made some observations of my own…

What experts say about my handbag and me:

Well first off, my handbag is always black, (rarely if ever will you see me carrying anything thats not. But if you do it will be either a neutral, or my favorite shade of lilac).  The hardware is always gold, the bag itself structured, and 100% of the time will I be top-handling (a term I’ve come up with for the way women carry their bags with a crooked arm through the “top handle” and a limp hand). So what does a snap judgement of this say about my personality? Confidence. Slightly to the extreme of an ego… status and empowered. Women that carry their bags this way are extremely confident in who they are as a person and where they are in their lives. They’re power driven and going big places. Business wise they’re making their way and turning their goals into reality. For those of you that know me, spot on right? Over the past few years I have developed an extremely driven work ethic, I have an insanely hard time not working, and always have multiple projects going on. I also have enough confidence that I am convinced if Lord Disisk and I ever met we would be instant best friends.unnamed-7



So what about those of you that aren’t the structured business type? What does your bag say then? Here’s what I’ve come up with based on my own personal snap judgements:

Hobo style– this one’s a bit obvious. Usually a free spirited, and you love a little adventure in life. I would guess that you’re an easy going, go with the flow type person. That you’re confident and don’t ever really expect too much. You’re perfectly happy focusing your energy on the present.unnamed-8unnamed-13

Clutch.  And no I don’t mean the term used in the early 2000’s… “dude, that’s so clutch”. I automatically assume that women who carry these types of bags in their everyday life are effortlessly chic, channeling their inner Carrie Bradshaw on a daily basis. Usually women like this are naturally beautiful and need minimal makeup. Both confident and cool, as well as organized enough to carry a smaller bag, I admire all of you that actually can go only with such few things all day. My bag is a Mary Poppins never ending bag of treasures.unnamed-9unnamed-14

The crossbody– a trend that has exploded onto the scene faster than anything I’ve ever seen with my genreation. Why? I’ve got one word for you.. convenience. It’s easy and hands free. When I see a girl with a bag like this I automatically think that she’s young, and has a fast paced life where she needs both hands. She is organized enough to carry a smaller bag. Usually practical and likes to look smart. One thing I frown upon about this trend, is that women who carry their bag this way are willing to cover up their outfit and their shape or the sake of convenience. That tells me that you’re probably a little shy because you can hide behind your bag while people talk to you.unnamed-15

Closely Paired to the crossbody is the satchel. Whether your Indiana Jones, or just Alan from The Hangover, an oversized satchel gives off the impression that you lead an active life, are ambitious and open minded. I’ve also noticed that most women with this type of bag are usually all about their friends.unnamed-16

I always thought that the very first real designer handbag I would ever buy myself would be a Chanel Medium Boy Flap Bag in black. But one day as I walking walking through Nordstroms a black Versace handbag with the front panel embossed in the most gorgeous floral print just screamed out to me, and I knew that it had to be mine. It was love at first sight.


This was my very first big designer purchase. My first baby. I remember calling my mom so excited that I just had to tell someone! Since then my collection has slowly grown, but the style handbag always remains the same for me. What does your handbag say about you?


Until next time lovies,

X X,

Miss Hailey Christine



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