january update.

One of my New Years resolutions for the blog this year was to post more often and to post more lifestyle type pieces. So while I sit here on my paisley patterned couch watching Can’t Buy Me Love (a vintage Patrick Dempsey must), and sipping a gigantic glass of wine, I thought that I would share my latest project. I have been working on a design project for Nordstrom and Paper Village for the most part of this month, and I wanted to share a few snap shots of it with you guys. Floral inspired, my designs are created to help showcase what the modern life of an “up and coming” fashionista looks like. Enjoy!






“After women, flowers are the most divine creations.” -Christian Dior

X X, 

Miss Hailey Christine




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  1. Wow this is a really poetic idea!♡ your soul is so beautiful

    It is so nice to meet you :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. misshaileychristine says:

      Thank you hun! I appreciate the love.
      I checked out your blog and love your Siren Song post, your artwork interpreting the poem is beautiful! I am excited to see more of your work in the future


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