Winter getaway? What you should be wearing.

With the holidays past us and the last cold months of winter on the way, it’s time to start looking ahead to winter getaways. Helping us escape from our ohso chilly lives. Whether you’re off to a tropical paradise or going to hit the slopes, wondering what you should be wearing will be the last thing on your mind. I’ve got you covered.

Rule #1 for surviving the months of January-March “Treat yo Self”! Nothing shakes off the winter blues faster than a new hairdo, or a fresh mani pedi. So what should you be wearing on a day that’s all about you? Comfort clothes of course! Throw on your favorite pair of leggings and a graphic tee (Yes, 90’s inspired branded graphic tees are making a comeback! My favorites are the classic Calvin Klein, Dior, and Adidas in a slightly oversized silloutte). Pair that with a cozy longline sweater or tailored jacket, a statement bag and a killer pair of velvet booties and WAH-LAH! Instant chic.  Nothing makes you look effortlessly cool more than taking your own personal style and pairing it with the perfect everyday layers.


Survival tip #2- GET TO THE BEACH! A fresh tan, salty air and a margarita in hand. Sounds like paradise. Just getting a feeling of warmer weather in these last few months of winter can cure a plethora of problems. While you’re planning on enjoying the sunshine, toss out your “go-to” bikini and opt for a one piece with a plunging neckline or carefully placed cut outs. A sexy one piece is the new bikini. Channel your inner 1989 Baywatch, red swim suit in all. You’ll be sure to catch some adoring attention while sunbathing! Don’t forget brightly colored pom-pom inspired accessories and sunglasses with rounded lenses.


Winter Chic Tip #3- Go for cozy. Layer up in things that are comfortable. By having the right fit in the pieces from your wardrobe you instantly add a more chic vibe to your appearance. So what should you wear for dinner with the girls? Put a spin on classic denim by opting for a pair with embroidery, giving your classic go-to jeans a cool girl makeover. Pair your jeans with a mock-neck sweater and some statement earrings. Cozy but fashionable without looking like you’re trying too hard.


Tip #4- layers. If you’re hitting the slopes or heading up into the mountains this winter, here’s your easy guide on how to look fab while not having to worry about what you’re wearing. Pair your favorite leggings with a oversized mock neck sweater and some moon boots (yes they’re back!) then add a touch of cashmere with a neutral colored scarf and a sassy hat. Top it all off with a military inspired ski jacket and “ta-daaa“, an instant snow beauty is born!


Remember that the most important rule in surviving this winter getaway is to take care of numero uno. So “treat yo self”, have a big glass of merlot at dinner and get even more fab, if that’s even possible!

x x,

Miss Hailey Christine

Lola did not pose well for this picture! xoxo

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